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Rubella Cataract

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    Maternal rubella (German measles) in the first trimester of pregnancy is generally responsible for a triad of defects in the fetus: heart defects, hearing problems and eye problems; mental retardation also often accompanies these defects. Ocular involvement is typically cataracts (bilateral in 75% of the cases) but also may include uveal colobomas, searching nystagmus, microphthalmus, strabismus, retinopathy, and infantile glaucoma.
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    Ocular abnormalities including cataract, infantile glaucoma, and pigmentary retinopathy occur in approximately 43% of children with congenital rubella syndrome. Both eyes are affected in 80% of patients, and the most frequent findings are cataract and rubella retinopathy.
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    Cataract surgery is usually delayed until at least age 2, since the live rubella virus remains in ocular tissues for many months after birth. Unfortunately, this preferred delay also results in a poor prognosis for visual functioning following cataract removal.
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