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Macular Degeneration Age Related

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    Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), is the gradual loss of vision caused by the oxidation of the macula, which is a small, circular membrane at the center of the retina. This membrane is light sensitive and responsible for our central vision. When the macula degenerates, central vision deteriorates, resulting in dark spots and cloudiness. It is caused by the oxidation of the macula. As the arteries harden with age, the delicate structures of the eye begin to lose some of their function.
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    Treatments for wet macular degeneration, all of which can be done as outpatient procedures, include: Photocoagulation. In photocoagulation your doctor uses a high-energy laser beam to create small burns in areas with abnormal blood vessels. The process can seal off and destroy the choroidal neovascularization (CNV) that has developed under your macula. It can prevent further damage to the macula and halt continued vision loss. Only a small percentage of people who have wet macular degeneration are candidates for this procedure. Whether it's right for you depends on the location and appearance of the CNV, the amount of blood that has leaked, and the general health of your macula. Even if photocoagulation is a viable option for you, the results can be disappointing. Laser surgery to destroy the CNV is successful only about half of the time. And even successfully destroyed CNV has a tendency to recur. Repeat laser treatment may not be possible in such cases. If you noticed a dark or gray spot in or near your central vision before laser treatment, the procedure may make vision in that spot completely and permanently blank. Photocoagulation is the only proven treatment for CNV when it's not located directly under the center of your macula, which is an area known as the fovea.
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Color photograph of the fundus shows classic choroidal neovascular membrane (CNVM) causing subretinal hemorrhage.

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