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About Pro Visu

This site provides free access to its database of information about eye diseases and conditions in English, French, German and Spanish.
The site is available for the general public, mainly targeted towards persons suffering from eye diseases, their relatives and any other interested party.

Provisu.ch offers an extensive resource of over 310 eye conditions.

Our mission

  • The mission of the website is to allow unlimited easy access to a reliable source of quality online health information about eye diseases.
  • Facilitate user access to eye disease carrier groups.
  • Raise awareness of different eye diseases, thereby promoting education and prevention of eye conditions.
  • Help people with eye diseases and their family members to access targeted health information, which is not always easy to find. This enables anyone, even those who are not very Internet savvy, to access this database.

The advantages of Provisu.ch

  • Given that Provisu.ch provides information about eye conditions, it is specifically catered to those who have impaired vision through its option to change font size.
  • In addition, the website offers voice reading of the content through ReadSpeaker.
  • In order to ensure the quality of the information provided, Provisu.ch gives priority to the HONcode websites that meet good practice criteria and provide quality online health information.

Our services

The Color Vision Quiz application enable users to :
  • estimate, thanks to the proposed questionnaire using the Ishihara test, the level of their color vision (Ishihara Test).
  • experience the vision of people with impaired color vision.
  • access to quality information content on disorders of color vision.
  • possibly allow ophthalmologists to perform a quick and easily accessible pre-test to assess the need for further testing.
The purpose of this application is to provide reliable tools for information, promotion and prevention related to disorders of color vision. This information does not replace the need for a medical consultation and has not intended to diagnose. This application was created and developed by the Health On the Net Foundation (HON), as part of collaboration with the Pro Visu Foundation.

The Pro Visu Look extension provides the possibility to users to adapt the presentation of any web page with pre-selected themes offering different contrasts, colors and sizes. With this extension, added to the user's browser, it can increase the visual accessibility of the pages consulted, thus facilitating their reading.

The HONcode certification

The website Provisu.ch respects the 8 principles of the HON code of conduct, created by the Health On the Net Foundation (HON) which is intended for health and medical websites.


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