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Definition: Transparent anterior part of the fibrous layer of the eye consisting of five layers: stratified squamous epithelium, Bowman's membrane, stroma, DESCEMET MEMBRANE and mesenchymal endothelium. It serves as the eye's primary refractive medium. It is structurally continuous with the sclera, is avascular, receiving its nourishment by permeation through the spaces between the lamellae, and is innervated by the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve via the ciliary nerves and those of the surrounding conjunctiva which together form plexuses. (Cline et al., Dictionary of Visual Sciences, 4th ed.)

Generic term(s)

  • Sensory organs
  • Eye
  • Anterior segment of the eye
  • Cornea

See also

  • Corneal stroma
  • Descemet's membrane
  • Corneal endothelium
  • Corneal epithelium
  • Corneal limbus


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