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Definition: Sensory membrane of the EYE, organised into ten cell layers. It is linked to the OPTICAL NERF. The retina receives images captured by the eye, transforms them into nerve impulses and transmits them to the brain.

Additional information for professionals: The outer surface of the RETIN lines the CHOROID, while the inner surface is in direct contact with the GLASS BODY. The outermost layer of the retina is pigmented, called the PIGMENTARY EPITHELIUM, while the other nine layers are transparent.

Hierarchical classification

  • Sense organs
  • Eye
  • Retina

See also

  • Hematoretinal barrier
  • Amacrine cell
  • Retinal ganglion cell
  • Eye fundus
  • Macula lutea
  • Optic disc
  • Photoreceptors


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