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First aid advice

Here are some first aid tips!

Do you know what to do if something hits you in the eye or if you receive something in the eye?
Here's some advice if this happens to you.


Sand in your eyes?

You mustn't rub, as you could injure yourself with the grains of sand.
Rinse your eyes with clean water.

Runny eyes?

This could be conjunctivitis.
Ask an adult to make an appointment for you with the doctor, who will give you the appropriate medication.

A blow to the eye?

Sometimes something hits you in the eye, if you've been in a fight, if you've been shot in the head...
Put a cold cloth over your eye for several minutes to soothe the pain and stop it swelling.
Then ask an adult to take you to the doctor.

A product in your eyes?

If a product comes into contact with your eyes, it could be dangerous.
Rinse your eyes with clean water for several minutes.
Then ask an adult to take you to the doctor.

An object in your eye?

If you get an object in your eye, such as a piece of plastic, glass or other object, it's very serious! 
Don't try to remove it from your eye by yourself, ask an adult to put a loose bandage on it and take you straight to emergency.


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