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The Pro Visu Foundation is maintained solely by funds obtained through donations and external support.
Its mission is to improve preventive mechanisms available for all eye diseases, through its website which can be accessed on a computer, tablet and a smartphone, with an adapated accessibility for people with poor vision.

Creation of the content is made by health professionals, in collaboration with the Health On the Net Foundation (HON).
Thus, the user has access to high-quality information, rigorously selected and available for everyone. This process requires a certain amount of time.

Furthermore, Pro Visu Foundation and HON have created an extension, made to improve the accessibility of web pages. Thanks to the Pro Visu Look service, users can adapt the presentation of any page of a website, according to preferences of contrast and colours.

Through your valuable donation, the Pro Visu Foundation will be able to pursue its mission and continue to offer trustworthy online content.

Donation and tax

Your donations to Pro Visu Foundation entitle you to a tax reduction.

For example, in Geneva's canton, donations are deductible up to a 20% earning of physical and moral persons (art. 37 LIPP I-V GE).

Bank information
UBS – 1211 Genève 2
CH22 0024 0240 8176 9000 A 

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