Vision after 45 years


Vision after 45 years

45 years


The eye is an organ which progresses and grows older, which is why it is important to monitor it thanks to regular visits to the ophthalmologist, to detect potential eye disorders.


After 45 years old

Several eye disorders can appear :

At about 45 years old, the first signs of presbyopia can start to be noticed: difficulties to read little character, need to have more light to read.

Regular eye examination with the ophthalmologist enables us to correct the following:


After 60 years old

After 60 years old, some presbyopia stabilises itself though this is rare.

There are some additional eye disorders that can appear :


Eye examination

With the ageing process, eye examination is essential, and has to be done in a regular way :

After 45 years old, every 2 years.

After 60 years old, every 1 to 2 years.


During this screening, the health professional assesses :

  • the visual acuity.
  • the ocular tension.
  • the retina's health, especially if the patient suffers from diabetes.





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