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The site was developed by the HON Foundation within the constraints of 8 quality criteria which when applied to online health information, provides trustworthy and transparent health information. The objective being to provide trustworthy health information about the treatment and prevention of eye diseases to the general public.

Editorial Process

This site respects the 8 principles of the HONcode, a code of conduct for health websites.
Content on this website is not created but rather gathered from trustworthy sources with the goal of creating a database of trustworthy information on eye diseases, their treatment and prevention. The selection process is carried out by the director of the HON Foundation along with a team of medical professionals (doctor and nurse) with the foundation. Content is created and adapted by medical professionals identified by the mention Team Pro Visu on the footer of each page. 
Director of publication : Célia Boyer, director of the HON Foundation.
Committee of editors: Aude Cabrera, Nurse; Mayoni Ranasinghe, Doctor; André Feirrera-da-Silva, Doctor.

Both English and French content are selected manually. German content is translated from its original Spanish state.

If any errors in the content are detected, we reserve the right to correct/remove such content in order to maintain accuracy and trustworthiness of such content.

Use of material

  • Content from can be utilized with appropriate credit being provided to the relevant parties.
  • Any content where the entire source is a third party should be referenced and cited accordingly.
  • Content that was at least partially authored by should be sourced and linked to All images should have appropriate citations to their source.

Property Rights

All material on belong to the Pro Visu Foundation and any downloading of such material are subject to these laws of ownership. Our licensors retain all ownership rights to the content of


The website was created by the Pro Visu Foundation which also provides complete funding for the website. It is owned by the Pro Visu Foundation and the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation. However, neither the Pro Visu Foundation, nor the HON Foundation are responsible for the editorial content or the third party links on the website. The HON Foundation was created under the aegis of the Department of Health and Economy and sustained by the University Hospital, Geneva.


The website does not display and advertising, nor does it receive any funds for advertising.

Conflicts of interest

None of the authors have any conflict of interest to declare.


Confidentiality of our readers is a highest priority for Pro Visu. Any personal information voluntarily provided is retained within the Foundation and will not be communicated or shared with any other party.

Like most websites, our site uses “cookies” in order to better serve the user of the Pro Visu website. These cookies contains specific information (not identifiable) about you and track your visits to our site. When using our website, you accept the use of cookies. Otherwise, please do not use our service.

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What is a cookie?

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What sort of cookies does our Site use?

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How do I disable cookies?

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The majority of images on the website were obtained from the website and are thus, subject to the rules of that website. Images cannot be used or reproduced without authorization as all material is subject to the property rights of it’s owner.

For any additional information about the confidentiality of your data, you can send us an email at Please enable Javascript to view.


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