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Synonym(s) - Microscopes


Definition: The use of instruments and techniques to visualise materials and details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is usually done by magnifying images, transmitted by light or electron beams, with optical or magnetic lenses that enlarge the whole field of the image. With scanning microscopy, images are generated by collecting the output of the sample point by point, on an enlarged scale, as it is scanned by a narrow beam of light or electrons, a laser, a conductive probe or a topographic probe. probe.


Generic term(s)

  • Investigation techniques
  • Microscopy


See also

  • Dermoscopy
  • Microscopy, Acoustic
  • Microscopy, Confocal
  • Microscopy, Electronic
  • Microscopy, Fluorescence
  • Microscopy, Interference
  • Microscopy, Polarisation
  • Microscopy, Scanning probe
  • Microscopy, Ultraviolet
  • Microscopy, Video
  • Photomicrography


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