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Pro Visu Look Extension

Extension Pro Visu Look
The Pro Visu extension is for anyone who requires or prefers fonts that are different to the standard font in terms of different font size, text and background colours on Web pages. 

In one click you can increase the font size, and change the background and text colours on the current Web page you visit.

For example, if you prefer to read a webpage with a black background and big white text, Pro Visu web extension can adapt the webpage accordingly.

This Web extension is based on W3C recommendations and can be used on the Intranet and Internet as the service works locally on your browser.

Color Vision Quiz Application

application Color Vision Quiz
Even though color vision deficiencies are quite common they are not highlighted enough which is why the Pro Visu Foundation wants to provide people, affected by these disorders, an application that allows them to :
  • estimate their level of color vision using the Ishihara test questionnaire.
  • allow the general public a chance to see from the perspective of patients suffering from eye disorders, through the use of a simulator.
  • access to quality information about color vision disorders.

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